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Neuro Exam

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Special offer during only few days!A neurologic examination algorithm allows the practitioner, in a stepwise and efficient manner, to elicit findings that distinguish the main categories of neurological disease. It is vital that every health professional (especially medical students, general practitioners, neurologists, neurosurgeons, and physicians) dominates the subject.
The neurological exam application aims to aid in learning on this complex subject. The content was developed by a team of neurosurgeons that actuate in Santa Casa de Belo Horizonte - MG (Brazil) and are members of NEUROSURGERY BLOG. It is composed by physicians: Dr. Mauro Cruz Machado Borgo, Dr. Lucas Alverne Freitas de Albuquerque, Dr. Júlio Leonardo Barbosa Pereira, Dr. José Lopes Filho, Dr. Marcello Penholatte Faria, and Prof. Dr. Gervásio Teles Cardoso de Carvalho.
The application has more than 20 schematic figures, main neurological scales, and updated neurological disease to facilitate learning.
The Neuroexam App also brings the possibility of storing photos of neurological injuries and neurologic signs from the user's library or from the camera. Professionals to archive their main skull or spine tomographies, conventional brain and bone MRI, and other pictures of interest.
Subjects approached in the application:
1. Introduction to the neurological semiology2. The mental state3. Cranial nerves4. Ocular semiology5. Motricity6. Sensitivity7. Reflexes8. Equilibrium, coordination and gait9. Signs of meningeal irritation10. Spine semiology11. Neurological examination in coma12. Neurological topographical syndromes13. Considerations in the preoperative period14. General Considerations of the patient in the postoperative neurosurgical15. Brain death